What Is The Best Healthy Diet For Fat Loss Before Summer?

In this article I'll reveal this diet to you and two key weight loss tips to have you looking great. Are you frustrated in trying to reach your ideal weight? Do you find that you're putting lots of effort into a diet and exercise regime and not getting the results you deserve?

Many weight loss diets are unhealthy for you and are just too difficult to sustain. Do you start diets and then like most people, find yourself moving back to your old habits? As a result you feel unattractive and self-conscious. You don't feel sexy in the bedroom and you find yourself avoiding some social situations. You feel like a poor role model for your children.

Most people's diets consists of acidic foods that increase the body's acidity and encourage fat storage. One of the best healthy diets for fat loss is an alkaline diet. This involves eating foods and drinking water that make your body alkaline.

Here are the 2 top fat loss tips I promised you;

Tip 1: Switch to drinking clean, alkaline, hydrogen water.

Drinking water that is alkaline and hydrogen rich releases fats, acids and toxins and accelerates weight loss. Tap Water can contain a mixture of chemicals, chlorine, and fluoride. Most bottled and filtered water is acidic. This is because as the water is cleaned essential alkalizing minerals of calcium, potassium and magnesium are removed. Reverse Osmosis and distilled water is completely 'dead' water and highly acidic.

Alkaline Hydrogen water is best for the body. The optimal pH level of our blood is pH 7.365 (slightly alkaline). The water we consume should be between pH 7.365, and pH 9.5 and hydrogenated.

The first thing we usually do upon rising is clean our teeth and shower. How about cleaning the inside of your body too! Start your day by drinking 1 - 2 glasses of alkaline water as soon as you rise. This flushes out your kidneys and bowels and rehydrates and energizes you for the coming day.

Avoid drinking water with meals. Have your last drink ½ hour before eating and wait for around 1 hour afterwards. Drink a minimum of 2 litres of alkaline water every day (more if you are physically active, over 70kg and in the summer months). Remember, the moment you add a teabag, coffee, whiskey etc it is no longer "water" and does not count in your daily quota. Lemon juice, most herbal teas and Rooibos Tea are OK.

Tip 2: Switch your diet to foods that make your body alkaline.

You become more alkaline by making a few simple changes to your daily diet. This will also help you to lose weight. There are many resources available to help you learn about and start an alkaline diet.

Following these 2 tips will have a huge impact on your health, energy levels and weight management. An alkaline diet is one of the best diets for healthy fat loss. Switching to an alkaline diet and alkalized, hydrogenated water will enable you to shed toxics and fat naturally.


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