Being Informed About Preventive Health Care For Women

Men and women are physically different, the latter of whom are more susceptible to some diseases. However, these days it is possible to be prepared and informed when it comes to preventive health care, the dangers of unsafe practices with their bodies. In this day and age there is an increasing trend of dangerous practices such as crash dieting and taking diet pills in order to appear more attractive. It is important to understand the importance of taking safe measures to achieve anything related to our bodies.

There are a few things to watch out for that may put a woman under severe mental and bodily stress if she is not prepared and informed on how to handle them.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Heart disease is one of deadliest health issues that is affecting the world right now. In addition, women have a 10% higher chance of incurring with heart diseases than men. Therefore, it is important to maintain oneself by eating the right amounts of food at the right time and doing some kind of exercise in their routine to keep their bodies functioning smoothly. Smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and also a lot of other health issues. Smoking is also associated with cerebrovascular diseases, where there is a discrepancy in the blood vessels which transport blood to the brain.


Not using contraception means a higher chance of contracting STD's, which would put anyone under a lot of physical and mental stress. It is important that women get informed about contraception other sexual health safety practices, the lack of which could lead to serious trouble.

There are numerous methods of contraception like pills, the ring or the patch depending on the upkeep or maintenance. Moreover, women should talk to a gynecologist to find out the correct way to administer the contraception because there have been cases of women who apply the birth control incorrectly, which has resulted in serious health issues.

These days, sexually transmitted diseases are being transmitted with increasing frequency, this is most likely on account of unprotected sex. However, contraception can only do so much, if a person has oral herpes there is a high chance that he can transmit the disease to the woman orally while kissing or through oral sex. The only precautions for such situations are to be sure that the person you are engaging with is unlikely to have any of these diseases.


Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women, but over the past decade, there have been developments in the detection and treatment of breast cancer. Though the average age of diagnosis of breast cancer is near 60, those women aged between 25 and 64 are at risk, especially if their family has a history of the disease.

Some other reasons for breast cancer include immobility, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and undertaking over a long period of time hormone replacement therapy. The second most common cancer among women is colorectal cancer, which affects the colon and the rectum. Women in their old age must be wary of Bowel cancer as it is commonly called. They would have to exercise to maintain an optimal weight and follow a healthy diet, it's also important to have regular checkups to help early detection of cancers.